Route Report Fleet

Route Report Fleet

A modern fleet management solution that helps small business owners
streamline processes, improve safety, and reduce business costs.


The Problem

Fleet management solutions are largely expensive and complicated to install. They typically target big fleets consisting of many
18-wheelers traveling cross country for large distances. However, with the advent of the lightweight utility van designed for cities, small fleets are popping up. Owned by florists, dry-cleaners, and landscapers, small businesses need a modern, cost-effective fleet management solution to manage everyday driving costs and utilization. 

Role & Team 

As UX Lead, my role was to work with the experience design team by setting overall process and strategy, managing and directing design direction and coordinating deliverables. The team included a Researcher, Designer, Copywriter and Front-End Engineer. 

Additionally, I worked with product management and technology leads to assure that our design process aligned with stakeholder priorities. 

Design Process

The majority of my work follows the double-diamond process outlined by the UK Design Council. 


For this project, the following activities became the roadmap through which we moved from conceptualization to launch. 

Discover:  Interviewing, competitive analysis.

Define: Stakeholder mapping, personas, affinity clustering.

Develop: Creative matrix, prototyping.

Deliver: Usability testing.

Artifacts produced during this project:

A business model canvas helps to align the design team with product management stakeholders. 

A stakeholder map will give you a great overview of the main actors in any system.

A creative matrix session allows a team to easily generate solutions and new ideas.

We used journey mapping to outline the main customer touch points in order to design our
on-boarding process. 

Take a look at the full journey map.

The goal of our initial discovery research was to understand how small business owners manage their fleet. Remote one-on-one 60-minute interviews were conducted with fleet managers.

Some questions we asked:

  • What are your day-to-day activities?

  • What tools do you currently use to manage your fleet?

  • What frequency do you check on your vehicle maintenance?

  • How do you discuss driving behaviors with your drivers?

  • What data would they want in the ideal fleet management tool?


Research Goals


  • Small business owners are concerned that vehicles are being used for personal reasons and that erratic driving behavior may impact the
    health of the vehicle.

  • Geo-fencing, parked location, speeding, braking and vehicle maintenance alerts are important
    for asset protection.

  • Small business owners are not using tools to monitor behavior yet they
    want to ensure their drivers are not negatively impacting their brand.

  • Small business owners expect the fleet solution to be easy to use, customized to their business needs and to help them make business decisions to identifying risky behavior, monitor driving behavior progress, mileage, location and vehicle maintenance.

Research Findings

Final Design