Route Report

Route Report

Route Report℠ works with you to provide helpful insights into your driving events. 


The Problem

Route Report provides driving behavior insights to users and information about the impact of their driving style on overall safety. In a world where distracted driving is becoming more dangerous than drunk driving, Route Report is helping to coach drivers about the dangers of risky driving behaviors in a way that is contextual to their daily lives.

Role & Team 

As UX lead, I lead the strategy and execution for Route Report, including native app design for iOS and Android. This includes leading UX and UI strategy, research, strategy sessions with product owners and leveraging human centered design activities to help prioritize product features for development. In addition, I partnered with marketing leaders to determine the correct position and messaging for public-facing communications.

The Route Report UX team is composed of a UX Researcher, Visual Designer and Copywriter.

Artifacts produced during this project:

A strategy session can help to align team members on the purpose, value and vision for a product. I built a blueprint canvas, which is a hybrid of the popular business model canvas and a product vision canvas.

Journey Map

Final Design

Visual design by Lukas Ostrander