OptionsHouse Trading

OptionsHouse Trading

A redesign of the OptionsHouse.com application for stock and option trading.


The Problem

OptionsHouse.com, an online stock and option trading platform owned by eTrade, was suffering from decreased trading activity due to an overall suboptimal user experience. I worked to redesign the platform, leading to higher trading volumes and happier customers.

Role & Team 

As UX Lead, I acted as the point person between marketing, engineering, customer service and design. I led all design efforts and architecture strategy.

We built design principles to act as a guidepost throughout the project. 

  • Create a trading interface that will be the single long-term OptionsHouse web trading experience.

  • Improve the TH experience and appeal to Classic users that were alienated by the removal of key data.

  • Follow web usability best practices – modern patterns and aesthetics.

  • Logically group application data.

  • Keep the core OptionsHouse experience intact.

Design Principles

Artifacts produced during this project:

Wireframes were generated during iterative design sprints with the visual design team.

Final Design