We are all developing a serious case of ADD

When you start to think about mobile technology, what's popular, what consumers are gravitating towards, it becomes abundantly clear that as a society, we are all developing a serious case of ADD. The most popular and emerging apps: Vine, Snapchat, Instagram, among many others, succeed because they simplify human interaction to a level that takes nearly no brain power. Vine gives you a 6 second glimpse into someone's pseudo-animated world. Snapchat instills a sense of anxiety in the user, knowing that the image will only be around for a brief moment in time. And Instagram is dead simple. Take a picture, color it up, publish to the world. 

The temporary nature of society, especially the quick interactions that take place in a flash on a regular basis, have decidedly taken shape in the digital realm. 

So what's next? Perhaps this will trickle down to how we engage with each other on a moment by moment basis as strangers? Here are some gestures that happen between strangers on a regular basis. What are the digital equivalents?

Wink, Wave, Smile, Handshake, Fist "Pound", High-five, Salute, Point, Peace sign, Eyebrow "Wink"