Expert certification for online learning.

The current revitalization of the education industry, particularly with regard to the development of online courses and continuous, post-degree learning, has created an arena that is ripe for innovation.

With companies such as Skillshare, Codecademy, and Khan Academy, the Internet has made it possible for anyone to develop a subsistent, marketable skill. However, the question that remains is how to demonstrate new skills on a resume to where it merits further investigation by a hiring manager. A new form of accreditation must be developed that can be applied to the knowledge attained from a Skillshare or Codecademy.

The business model derived is one in which students pay for experts to certify their knowledge. This can be done in part by formal written or oral testing, as well as with projects to be carried out by the student. In fact, many companies now require applicants to complete a project and to present findings, so that their skills can be properly evaluated.

The development of an expert panel to certify a student’s skill could be very easily applied to many different industries. The advancement in online learning is happening within diverse categories, such as web development, arts & crafts, and financial analysis, among others.