I always asked myself why NFC hadn't entered into mainstream tech. It seemed such an obvious win for both retailers and consumers - add a chip to basically anything, for instance, a subway advertisement, I want more information on the advertisement so I whip out my cellphone and boom, there it is. 

With the advent of wearable tech and smart everything, location-based information will be a big trend in 2014. 

I stumbled upon today and instantly realized the possibilities. Estimote is great because they support the hardware layer and API, so as a developer all you need to do is implement into your app and WHAM. 

Most of the examples I see for implementation seem to revolve around retailing. You walk into store, get a coupon upsell, you walk out, you get a survey, etc. Though I think the more interesting sectors for beacon use are home and education. For instance, if you have children, you can set tasks for them to complete when they return home from school (homework, chores). Or, if you're a teacher, when your students first walk in you can prompt them to open their books to page 303 and begin reading.

The possibilities are endless.