Digital Gratification.

With user experience, your inevitable goal is to inhabit the mind of your potential customer. You want to be her, or him; you want to get inside their mind and figure out how they're going to feel the moment they first open your app. 

The movie Being John Malkovich comes to mind. That's your goal. 

Lately, I've been thinking a lot of about user gratification and common habits. The easiest way to identify consistent patterns in a potential user's behavior is to take a look at your own. In doing this over a short period of time, you will very easily see the types of actions you take on a regular basis. 

For me, I'll take a photo, doctor it up with filters and post it to FB. After it posts, I look back at FB every 10 minutes or so to see if anyone has liked it, or commented. This action is a very, very strong psychological pull. It's a sort of digital gratification that everyone wants and it's tantamount to your parents telling you that you did a good job. In fact, that's where we originally learn it. It makes us feel fantastic as kids, right? Does that go away when you're an adult? No. 

Digital gratification is as powerful as in-person gratification. It's the same thing. The digital world is the in-person world. There is no separation anymore.

I love it when someone likes my photo and it gets me taking more photos so that I get to feel that sense of satisfaction again.