Coming to an end.

I have spent over three years in business school, some of the most challenging, rewarding, gut-wrenching, stress-inducing years of my life. I’ve spent three years shuttling myself between Weight Watchers, Fordham, and home – what little time I spent there. Three years have past but I wear closer to six on my face, the stress catches up with you in the end, there’s really no way to quell it.

Life as I’ve known it is coming to an end. The future is upon me. Some ask, what will come next? What will I do? Who knows? In the short term, I’m heading to China, a place very far away with many, many people hustling about, living their lives. There’s a big wall there, yes, but there’s also a strange comfort of the unknown. The past years I’ve gotten used to routine and consistency, the rinse, wash, and repeat of traditional education. China will be a decompression chamber. It’s where I’ll hopefully reopen my eyes to this world I’ve missed, to everything that has whizzed by my face swiftly, while I blinked, sipped another cup of coffee and got down to the business of learning business.

I am proud of myself for the work that went into Fordham. I challenged myself in ways that I never thought I could. I’ve met people who think fast, come from vastly different life experiences than mine, and also manage to be simply too nice for words.

So what’s next? Who knows? But, I’m looking forward to figuring it out. A big thanks to friends new and old – those who accepted my prolonged absence from social activities –  I’m looking forward to giving ya’ll big bear hugs, one by one.